Email Services

Which email services can you activate?

Our standard services include: SMTP, POP3, IMAP as well as some special services: ETRN Backup SMTP connectors for Outlook, synchronization with Exchange and mobile devices. 

Is it possible access to web mail?

Yes, it is. All of our services are configurable and accessible through a dedicated web interface, compatible with all major browsers. It is possible also access the services through mobile devices.

My company has an internal server. Why do I need to activate your services?

If you have an internal server, you can optimize and secure your e-mail management, activating  ETRN service (our server handles mail to the outside world, by applying the virus and spam filters, and interact with your server for sending and receiving mail) or the backup server SMTP (our servers are activated when your own is not available, for whatever reason). For more information and details please see support section.

I activated your plan, but now I need some additional email boxes.

At any time you can add email accounts to your plans, activating MailAdd services .