Based and personalized hosting plans are available, designed specifically to meet different requirements, depending on whether you want to create a static site in the institutional or e-commerce up to real communities with unlimited traffic. Consult us for a free estimate or to study with you the solution that best suits your business needs.

Our based plans

The e-mail service included with all our plans described below is protected against viruses and spam by SpamAssassin, virus definitions are updated every 8 hours and a service monitoring anti-spam is further carried out by our staff to ensure quality and support beyond. It comes both POP3 access (for receipt of incoming mail) and SMTP (for sending outgoing mail). Through the appropriate control panel you can manage independently your addresses.

If required, additional services and mailing list server via email and listservs.


Designed for individuals or small businesses that need a lean but efficient service at low cost. It provides:

  • 3 emails
  • No Database
  • 50 MB


The perfect solution for small and medium businesses, to ensure a perfect service and support. It provides:

  • 10 emails
  • 1 Db MySql
  • 200 MB


For medium businesses requiring more space and functionality. It provides:

  • 30 emails
  • 2 DB MySql & 1 DB SQL Server
  • 400 MB


Designed for large enterprises who want a professional and reliable service, with no limit! It provides:

  • 100 emails
  • 5 DB MySql & 3 DB SQL Server
  • No limits


For large companies with large numbers of employees. The solution and the reliability to stand in e-commerce. It provides:

  • Unlimited emails
  • Unlimited DB MySql & 6 DB SQL Server
  • No limits