How we work

Internet and computer systems are our passion and through our knowledge in these areas we evaluate and recommend the best solution to support the development of your business.

Our goal is to provide solutions Internet / Intranet to provide new elements to the customer competitive advantage in the market, and that produce a rapid and significant return on investment. The result is guaranteed by an approach to the solution, at every stage, keeps the customer and his needs as central to the implementation of application solutions and organizational. A complete solution through many phases, including:

  • Business Process Analysis
  • feasibility study
  • prototyping
  • implementation of the solution
  • Test
  • Installation and commissioning

All our projects start with a careful analysis of processes, information flows and the organization against business goals, even where the customer is directly involved. This application allows you to create solutions that meet the needs of efficiency and growth, and it captures the key objectives of:

  • automating, streamlining and speeding up existing processes
  • significant reduction of costs (fixed and variable)
  • Creation of new services that increase their competitive advantage in the market than the competition

The use of open technologies and market standard in the Internet / Intranet allows to realize in a relatively simple and fast prototype of significant applications, which are essential in the presence of requests are particularly complex. With the prototype, the customer can quickly find, compared with a limited investment, the adequacy of the solution and the actual correspondences as defined in the feasibility study.

Thanks to the knowledge of established technologies and applications expertise, NetWeb offers the best guarantees for the construction of solutions to meet the actual needs, comply with the most common technology standards for communication and data access, open and structured to be able to evolve with increasing needed.

An Internet / Intranet plays a strategic role and becomes a huge element of competitive advantage for the company especially if it is able to involve your staff, if it is perceived by all as a positive factor, if it generates participation and enthusiasm, rather than indifference and skepticism.

Too often companies underestimate this aspect when they decide to introduce new tools, technologies or methodologies, with the result of limiting, if not undermine, the benefits of the investment. For this reason, Internet / Intranet is a winner because it can grow and adapt over time to the needs and objectives of the company that must constantly change the way we do business in an increasingly dynamic and competitive.