About us


Founded in 1998, the NetWeb professionals are experts in their field of expertise to support the daily needs of a company using the latest technology.

More specifically the company’s staff is divided ideally into three main areas:

  • Web, Application and Database Developers
  • Systems engineers Unix, NT and networks
  • Web Design, Multimedia and Marketing

For this reason we can offer our customers a complete range of integrated services related to the internet completely customized according to various needs, for small and medium-sized businesses up to larger ones. In detail we operate in the following areas:

System Area


  • Installation, configuration and maintenance of operating systems and related services (mainly Windows NT and Back-Office)
  • Documentation management with the possibility of free and / or structured research (Index Server)
  • Query local database and remote management
  • Remote configuration of each PC on the network
  • Managing sales services and / or products through the Internet
  • Managing internal emails and / or external
  • Management meetings with or without video conferencing on the intranet and / or Internet

Application Development


  • Re-use in Windows applications / procedures Cobol on the mainframe without any intervention on the same
  • Management of multiple transactions with complete security of data integrity through Microsoft Transaction Server
  • Managing data asynchronously via the Internet / Intranet technology through ADO / RDO Microsoft
  • Installation, configuration, and upgrade procedures via browser automatically without user intervention
  • Making App for Mobile

Web Developing


  • Registering domain names (. Com. Com. Net. Org. Biz. Info. To, etc..)
  • custom hosting plans and complete the SMTP and POP, database management and server audio and video, etc..
  • Study and analysis site, to maximize its presence on the network by increasing conversions
  • Development and optimization of HTML pages, ASP, dynamic, Java, etc.., GIF animation, Flash, etc..
  • Management of advanced statistics for monitoring and improving the visitor experience side
  • Managing security and protection against external attacks and viruses
  • outsourcing management of their site without technical problems and the creation of ad hoc
  • Working with marketing to convey your brand and your business through targeted campaigns on the Internet